I grew up splitting time between the beach in Ventura, CA and the deserts of New Mexico and always dreamed of working in a fast-paced, creative environment in Hollywood. I'm a workaholic, but if I have an off day I enjoy being at home with my two very cute cats -  and I'd probably be found reading, cooking, or organizing the closets for the 100th time. I usually wear glasses because I screwed up my eyesight reading hundreds of my mother's murder mystery books by the light of the moon as a kid. When I retire, I'm determined to move to a big, green farm that can house every furry animal I come across.


As a makeup artist in Los Angeles for over 12 years, I have worked with an all-inclusive spectrum of award-winning talent - in front of everything from Super 8 to 8k cameras.

My commercial resume includes national advertising campaigns for brands like Adidas, Neutrogena, and Honda, in which I have been responsible for talent like John Lithgow, Brie Larson, and Drake.

I have completed over 60 tv/new media episodes and 45 films, both as a Department Head and a Key Artist.

Recently, I've been taking on more print and celebrity makeup opportunities. My work has been published in magazines and featured on the red carpet at major awards shows.


I arrive to every job prepared, organized, and readily available to communicate with the entire crew. I believe in being a team player and work incredibly hard to get my job done as efficiently as possible with an outcome that everyone is happy with. I always maintain a clean, sanitized makeup station and my kit is overwhelmingly full of high end, professional products that work for every skintone and type. Continuing education is important to me and I can be found taking classes in between work. I know maintaining a positive attitude through the chaos of the workday is the key to a successful shoot.

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